Alexandra Lazar is a London-based writer and curator of contemporary, modern and émigré art.

Areas of interest include language and art criticism; environment and climate studies; tech in art and art history; contemporary art in Britain and Central Europe; countermonuments, culture memory and archive.  Among latest projects are collaborations with Ana Knežević on her HTC Vive VR Voiding the Void for CultureHub NYC New York, and with Djordje Stanojevic on exhibition Orchard at Bel Art gallery, Novi Sad.    Instagram thundermoth

Alexandra worked as an Artistic Director of Drina Gallery in Belgrade 2017-2019, resulting in various collaborations,  exhibitions and publications.  The mission of starting Drina was to connect the threads and to reveal the lineages and narratives that go against historic and media conditioning.  Founder and initiator of the Association of Art Galleries Serbia (AAGS), advisor at the Creative Industries Council in Serbia (2018-), and a member of the Executive Committee of the Artists Union England (2016-2018).

Her tireless assistant is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Maja.