Mary Low (1912-2007) was a poet, linguist, Trotskyist, classics teacher and the wife of the Surrealist poet Juan Breá:  “Her final act was to sign a declaration of critical historians opposing the dominant historiography that depicts the Spanish revolution simply as a struggle between fascism and anti-fascism, (exemplified by Hobsbawm among UK academics) and seeks to erase the struggle between the classes from the historical record.” (JJ Plant)

wilfredo lam small

Wilfredo Lam, Drawing for Mary Low’s Alquimia del recuerdo (1946), reprinted in Arsenal / Surrealist Subversion (1989).

juan brea

Juan Breá, For Mary Low (1933).

orwell small

George Orwell, Red Spanish Notebook: A Review, published in Time and Tide (1937) and reprinted in Arsenal / Surrealist Subversion (1989).