Quick list of published art reviews. The texts are mostly in English and/or Serbian. Translations are possible on request – feel free to ask.


Review of artwork PISSED by Cassils in English and in Serbian (2017).

Pristupi prolaznosti, Kulturni dodatak Politike (2017). Translated into English as Approaches to transience: John Grade and Anna Livia Löwendahl-Atomic (2017).

Večera za zeca, published as Povratak slici (Sr) Kulturni dodatak Politike (2017). Reprinted by Supervizuelna (2017).

Umetnost kao zajedničko iskustvo (Sr) Kulturni dodatak Politike (2017) i Supervizuelna (2017). Art as collective experience, conversation with Olafur Eliasson (2016-17)

The Housemarten (Eng and Sr) Supervizuelna (2016) and here.  As Lasta pokućarka (Sr) Kulturni dodatak Politike (2016).   Sequel: The Housemarten 2: Helen Marten and the politics of managed depression (Eng)

Svi smo Danijel Blejk, (Sr) Kulturni dodatak Politike (2016)

Otvorena knjiga Balkana, (Sr) Kulturni dodatak Politike (2016)

Ljubavni zanos ili brak iz računa, (Sr) Kulturni dodatak Politike (2016)

Vifredo Lam: Trojanski konj magične avangarde, (Sr) Kulturni dodatak Politike. (2016)

Igra na kvadrat (“Priđi bliže da ne vidiš ništa”), (Sr) Kulturni dodatak Politike. (2016)

Herst: Taština praznine, (Sr) Kulturni dodatak Politike. (2016)

Autor [objavljeno kao ‘Glad za destrukcijom’ Sr], Kulturni dodatak Politike. (2016)

Zadovoljstvo Mone H., (Sr) Kulturni dodatak Politike. (2016)

Beli ladolež, crveni mak, (Sr) Kulturni dodatak Politike (2016)

Tolerancija na testu, Kulturni dodatak Politike (2016)

Slika kao svetlost ili teret: (Sr) Alex Katz and Etel Adnan in Serpentine gallery, Supervizuelna (2016). Also available here.

Short overview of Artists’ Union England 1972-83 and its second (and current) coming, following its Certificate of Independence (2016) (Sr)

A ten-minute overview of the Belgrade art scene from the inaugural opening of CoBA’s Point of View exhibition (Eng) (2016) The talk was reprinted by Britic, titled New Actionism and a lot of love.

Inner Tuning: balans i ritam u radovima Ane Knežević, (July 2015) Supervizuelna.

Eric Ravilious: Ravilious, or Light, the Dulwich gallery. (Eng, Sr) (2015)

Hepworth: Fifty Years of Silence. (Sr) Impressions from the Tate Britain retrospective. (2015)

Egon Schiele: Radical Nude, (Sr) the Courtauld Gallery (2014)

Golden calf, nineteen sixty eight and several chimps with mirrors: Frieze London 2014. (Sr) (2014)

House of Quentin. (Sr) Quentin Blake at the House of Illustration (2014)

Marina Abramovic: 512 Hours, (Sr) Serpentine gallery (2014)

Spektar opsene: jedno poredjenje kulturnog prekarijata Engleske i Srbije, Part 1 and Part 2. (Illusion spectrum: a comparison between the culture precariat in England and Serbia. Eng, Sr) (2014)

Interview with Jeremy Epstein of Edel Assanti. (Sr, Eng) (2014)

JP Gaultier, (Sr) the Barbican gallery (2014)

Martin Creed, (Sr, Eng) the Hayward gallery (2014)

Hannah Höch, (Sr, Eng) the Whitechapel gallery (2014)

Hell: Jake and Dinos Chapman, (Sr, Eng) the Serpentine (2013)

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